• Michael Lambert

Starting 2018 without Christine!

Worry not she will be back! For those that do not know Christine slipped on the bottom stair and twisted her ankle breaking no less than three bones. This was on December 15th, she spent a week in hospital before having an operation to insert screws and plates. She was home for Christmas although we had to cancel our trip away, we were due at her sister Yvonne's for a relaxing break, as she could not travel.

So what of the B & B? Well yours truly has managed so far, even had a professional chef staying who finished his full English and said " Nothing wrong with that I would like the same tomorrow please". This was the morning after the accident and my first time at the cooker, he did not however see my first attempt at cooking sausages which resulted in totally split apart sausages! Tegan and George appreciated those.

Now this tiny little bird crashed into the window and lay stunned, Christine tells me it is a Goldcrest and they are known to live in yew trees, of which we have a couple of very ancient ones left from the days of Drinkstone Park, I have never seen anything so small and exquisitely marked, it sat in the palm of my hand and after a few minutes recovered enough to fly off none the worse for its experience.

The Hobbit House barbecue has now been fitted with electric light and power and is available for use by you on a first come first served basis. We will arrange charcoal and lighting whilst our local butcher will be pleased to supply your choice of meats, get the time of year right and salad from the garden may be available, can't think of anything fresher. All we ask is that the Hobbit House is left clean and ready for the next person to use.

Tegan has of course been looking after Christine during her time recuperating and has taken up station next to her!

I think that brings us all up to date, suffice it to say that Christine will be back! In the meantime its business as usual and commiserations to those having to endure my cooking skills or lack of them. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible during the coming year, we have taken steps to ensure that your favourite rooms can only be booked direct with us either on our website or by telephone.

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Due to the effect of coronavirus we are not reopening to the general public

We can thoroughly recommend Joanna Meyer 07738936496 or https://www.theoldstablebandb.co.uk/


Jo Stark 01449 736184 a nice self contained and self catering annexe in Drinkstone

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