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We all know about reviews and what they can say to help people make decisions. Sometimes guests will send a card or an email to tell us what they think, I would like to share a couple of these with you, it sums up Suffolk and what we try to offer.

"We had a wonderful holiday. Suffolk is surprising, charming, interesting and friendly. Above all your warm, kind and generous hospitality has made our stay special. (must mean Christine). The food has been truly delicious and the room very comfortable. We will recommend you to our friends."

Their review and the many others that have been done for us have apparently put us in the Tripadvisor Hall of Fame for receiving a Certificate of Excellence for five years running - thank you to all who have reviewed us.

Another message to me personally, received from Roger a regular visitor with his lovely wife, put a different slant on Life at Drinkstone.

"We had a wonderful stay as usual and thoroughly enjoyed Christine's company and her wonderful food, the least said about you the better, I could go on all night. If you think we would stay again in a place where the shower falls to bits, you have to make your own beds, clean your own teeth, make your own tea and coffee etc, YOU BET WE WOULD AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!

We had some delightful people stay recently with their wonderful motor vehicles. They were showing their cars at Pakenham Mill, lovely to see these cars and their owners. It reminded us of a photograph we had found which shows another gathering of

vehicles, although at the time they were not classics but new vehicles. Entitled - Motor Gymkana Drinkstone Park 1906

Yes it was hosted at Drinkstone Park on what is now our garden, the year is approximately 1906. I wonder if any are now prized collectors vehicles.

So what's happening with the gardens this year? I think it still looks good although very brown and dry of course due to the lack of rain. Christine has worked hard to keep the potted plants and the young specimen trees put in last year happy and healthy.

This year has seen a new pergola and a big change with the ornamental pond. We have also had several garden openings for the National Garden Scheme charity which despite football, tennis and weather have been well attended.

Stuart, a guest who stays when he visits Newmarket Races kindly did some photographs of the garden just last week and I am pleased to share these with you...…...then you can come and visit if you have not stayed with us lately.

Last but not least Tegan and George say hello and do come and see us at Drinkstone Park soon.


Due to the effect of coronavirus we are not reopening to the general public

We can thoroughly recommend Joanna Meyer 07738936496 or https://www.theoldstablebandb.co.uk/


Jo Stark 01449 736184 a nice self contained and self catering annexe in Drinkstone

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